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    Project M

    so im a huge smasher n im looking to put project m on my wii, and ive seen a few videos of how to do it, but i was wondering if there was a way to do it without the disc, but maybe a wbfs file instead

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    To my knowledge the disc is a must

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    I'm a bit outdated on the matter, but IIRC they supported 3 loading methods: non-homebrewed through smash stack, homebrewed through riivolution, and homebrewed through ocarina codes.The disc is required to run through smash stack and riivolution, but running through ocarina (the file replacement code in the .gct to be exact), you can use several apps, namely gecko os (also requires a disc) and most, if not all, usb loaders to run project M. Just place the files in your sd card as instructed, enable ocarina codes in your usb loader of choice, and you should be good to go.Hope this helps ps: sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes, and for the lack of paragraphs, i'm having trouble formatting my post
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    thanks shao i might give that a shot as of now a friend gave me a brawl disc so ive been play my hearts content of project m


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