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Thread: Question about "Softmod any Wii" using Bannerbomb v2

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    Question about "Softmod any Wii" using Bannerbomb v2

    Hi I have a question about using "softmod any Wii" at address http:// After installing the 30 cIOS files, It says to install the 25 IOS update files.

    Also I have priloader installed already would it hurt to reinstall it? Thanks in advance for letting me know.

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    I'm not sure what the first question is cause, well, I don't see a first question. But regarding your question about Priiloader, no, it will not hurt to reinstall it

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    The first question records installing the iOS Updates is the 25 iOSs, after installing the 30 cIOS's using WiiMod 3.2, Goto WAD Installer to install the 25 wads using Batch installer. Then says if you're using we menu 4.1 to go to iOS update and press 1 to batch update all 25 IOSs. This is under Part 1 of the guide. What I'm asking is when you update the 25 IOSs from iOS update, do you need to reinstall the 30 cIOS's from the first part of Part 1 using the Bannerbomb v2 method? Or do you just install this 30 cIOSs using wad update, then do u just batch install the 25 wads from the "IOS Update" folder? If you still don't understand go to the link in the first post I made and read part 1, you should then I understand what I'm talking about. Thanks in advance.

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    I believe you are the one that needs to go back and read the guide again. You will then see that your post makes no sense...

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