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Thread: Wrong ratio with wii/gamecube games on USB

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    Wrong ratio with wii/gamecube games on USB

    Greetings everyone!

    I am new to this forum and I hope this is the right place to ask this type of question

    I have Resident Evil Archives for my softmodded Wii on my removal WD HD and I can play the game perfectly except that the screen is not as it should be.. I have a Philips 55 widescreen TV but the game looks like it is played (of configued) for lets say 4:3 (or something). So is there anyway to change to widescreen so the picture goes all the way, side by side, through the TV?

    I have tried to change the format on the TV but that didnīt help. Also tried to force 16:9 in NeoGamma R9 Beta 56 but it looks the same (black edges about 7-10 cm at both left and right).

    I have the PAL RE4P08 version at 2.61 gb.


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    Your posts were being auto moderated, likely due to being a new member. I have approved it. In the future please allow time for posts to be approved if they do not appear instantly, as opposed to making them several more times Give me a little bit and I will try to offer assistance with the issue you're having

    I can tell you right now if you use Devolution to play the game from USB you could make it take up the entire screen (ie, being 16:9 widescreen as opposed to 4:3 fullscreen). As far as doing so in NeoGamma I'm afraid imp unable to say, I haven't used NeoGamma in several years.

    If you are interested in trying Devolution you can find the guide for it in my signature.

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    Thx for your answer I will try Devolution! And yes I saw that the second I posted this thread, sorry bout that

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    Resident Evil Archives is for Wii not GC and Isnīt Devolution only for GC games? However I placed the USB Loader GX in my apps folder on my SD card but I couldnīt see the Devolution icon in HBC. I also tried to Force Devolution in CFG Loader (which I play all my Wii/GC games from) but nothing happened. Any more ideas please?

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    I did some research and all I had to do was to change the format of the wii to 4:3 instead of 16:9 Thx for your help anyway SNES_Master!


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