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Thread: I think my wii is done controllers wont sync

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    I think my wii is done controllers wont sync

    I have had no problems with my wii ever and now all 4 of my wiimotes became unsynced and i have my autoboot set to wiiflow (cant sync remotes there) i tried my wavebird gamecube controller in priiloader but seems that wont work either (sometimes that happens with dios mios installed, atleast to me) Is there anything i can do for this because i have no idea...I cant get to system menu.

    Nevermind I somehow got it to the health screen and got them to sync from there....phew that was my first real scare in 5 years lol
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    Glad you got it sorted. For future reference to anyone reading this thread who has the same problem, you can get to the normal system menu by holding down reset to access priiloader, then immediately hit the reset button again when priiloader is loaded. That will boot you directly to the regular system menu.

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