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    Unhappy Little help?

    Hi guys Im a first time Wii Hacker and I think I may have gone wrong some where down the line. Basically my HBC works fine and everything all the emulators work but the only thing is when I try to go into Wii Settings my Wii just comes up with a black screen and does not load them, also when I click load bootmii from the Homebrew channel i get a similar type of crash but the blue light around the disc insert flashes on and off and finally I cannot enter the system menus to the menu you get when holding down the reset button it just takes back to the wii menu when I click it. What are my options to fixing this? Can anyone help? Do I need to unhack and then rehack it again?

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    Moved the thread to a more appropriate section. Check my signature for a link for our syscheck guide to tell you how to generate and post a syscheck to the boards. Do so as a reply to this thread and we will take a look to see how your current mod looks.
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    Thank you very much for helping me out man. You will find my syscheck below


    Any ideas?
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