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Thread: Playing NES games on wii????

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    Playing NES games on wii????

    I'm trying to find a guide for setting up wii to play NES and SNES roms. I have a wii that has been softmodded, couple years now.

    Been on the shelf not being used.. kids want to play some old NES and SNES games. I tried to search the forums, but don't see

    anythng as far as NES roms guide.

    I have the wii modded and is running games of USB drive. It's in wbfs format. Is it possible to put nes and snes games in that drive?
    or do I need to convert it to ntfs? Or can I play then off SD?

    Also is it a better idea for me to convert the WBFS to a NTFS drive? or leave it WBFS?? thx for the help

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    Moved to emulators section. As a quickie: WBFS won't cut it for that, to my knowledge. We have a FAT32 guide (recommended the most), NTFS, and so forth. Check out the "stickied" threads/guides in this section.


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