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Thread: GC backup help...

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    Smile GC backup help...

    I am having some troubles with recently installed Dios Mios (v2.1 wad installed) per guide and hope someone can comment on a few issues. I tried to use recommended versions of both USBLoaderGX and Wiiflow.

    1. GC backups play fine from USBLoaderGX and all games show up. However, in Wiiflow (4.1 rev. r436) only 1 of 6 games shows up, which is Windwaker. I tried reloading cache in Wiiflow but to no success.

    2. Is there a way to get out of a GC game (and back to system menu/Loader/HBC once in it? That doesn't involve rebooting/shutting down the Wii?

    3. Is there a GC channel I can use to directly play GC games from system menu? (I downloaded a GC Backup Launcher channel but it did not work)

    4. Planning on transferring my save files from my GC memory card but have not looked into this yet.

    Thank you for any helpful responses.

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    The latest DIOS MIOS is 2.10 (different than 2.1). So make sure you have the latest. Any of the three current loaders can do this. There isn't a good "stand-alone GC laucher". I use CFG, personally, but any of the three will work.

    Check the Dios Mios guide to make sure that are properly setting up the game images with DMToolbox and installing them to the hard drive correctly. Or use GX or CFG to rip the gamecube disk directly to the hard drive.

    Also make sure the hard drive is FAT32 with 32k clusters (guide will show you that as well).

    Links to all guides and apps mentioned exist in my signature.

    Click Below for recommended Links

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    I installed DIOS MIOS 2.10 wad using IOS236 as recommended in the guide.

    I also ripped games directly to GX.

    Drive is FAT32 and 32kb cluster size.

    Why would only 1 game show up in Wiiflow but all 6 show up in GX? (fixed)
    (EDIT: After reloading cache again, games now show in Wiiflow)

    Can you comment on a DIOS MIOS channel I can use?

    Or once in "Gamecube mode" how do you get back to Loader/HBC/System Menu? Is this possible without rebooting or shutdown?

    Your profile pic is awesome btw,

    Thank you
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