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Thread: Is possible to backup Wii-U games??

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    Is possible to backup Wii-U games??

    Hello everyone... I am new here and I hope I ask the right question here..If not sorry administrators..
    Is possible to backup DVDs games of Wii-U?? My son scratch one game by mistake. so I don't know if is possible and how or kind of software I need.
    Thanks in advance..

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    Unfortunately, no.

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    THanks nightstah... is any other way I can do this???

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightstah View Post
    Unfortunately, no.

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    Best you can do is contact the manufacturer/publisher and see if they will allow you a replacement disc. Asking the same question a second time isn't going to change our answer.

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    I don't know if Wii U games can be resurfaced, being similar to Blu-Rays which in told can't be, but you may want to look into that as an option.

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    Thank you everyone.. for your answers... so I have to buy again this game or I will call the manufacture see what happens?? thanks again

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    First I have heard of a Wii U game getting scratched. I know I had issues with Wii games plenty but bluray formats I have only had problems due to being dirty that were fixed by wiping them down.

    I have a Skip Dr for Wii I use on DVD formats but have also heard it will make blurays worse. Skip Dr does make a version of their product for bluray but I don't know how well it works. My Skip Dr has been able to recover almost everything I have thrown at it except my copy of Brawl including DVD's and Xbox games, it has been a good investment.


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