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Thread: Classic controller issue

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    Classic controller issue

    I have followed the softmod any wii guide
    Everything seems to have worked fine I csn okay my backups from usb all channels I wanted worked

    But now it seems the wii wont recognise the classic controller. I have tried 2 different controllers and all ports but no luck.
    I am hoping I am just missing something stupid.

    Any ideas would be great


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    What do you mean "won't recognize"? Some games won't use it so will ignore any inputs from it. What are you trying to use it with?

    You can also post a syscheck (directions on how to generate and post one exists in a link in my signature) so we can make sure your system is modded correctly.
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    The controller doesn't work when in the system menu and I have tried it with Mario Kart as well

    Thanks for the reply



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