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Thread: getting back into the game, need guidance

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    getting back into the game, need guidance

    Hello all, been out of the loop for some time, and I havent touched my WII console in a year or so, was wanting to update it and add gamecube back from usb to it.

    Im not asking to hold my hand just wanted to know which guides I need to follow.
    I assume I need to just follow

    Softmod ANY Wii Guide to get things up to date, but which guide do I need to follow to add Gamecube support?

    DIOS MIOS v2.10 - Play Gamecube Backups From Your USB HDD

    [Guide] Devolution - USB Loading GameCube Games On Wii

    any help pointed in the right direction and I will read away and take the rest upon myself, thanks all.

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    It really depends on preference. You can use both, Dios Mios and Devolution together without conflict if you wish.

    I tend to recommend Devolution for the following reasons:

    1) It works with alternative controllers. No GC pad? No problem, grab a ps3 controller or a Wii U Pro Con or even a Wii Classic Con.

    2) Better game compatibility. Including audio streaming, some games with Dios Mios will not have audio or will have audio issues because they use audio streaming and DM doesn't support that.

    3) Widescreen support. Devolution can display the games in widescreen without distorting the image.

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    sorry for the name swap, Im in the middle of fixing an account issue, made temp user name, but other question I had, what is needed to play gamecube games from usb loaders?

    Let me Rephrase that, I'm having problems getting the GameCube loader to work in USB loader, and I also have all my USB loaders setup to run from HDD, should I have them all run from SD? And the error I'm getting in USB loader gx is that the loader.bin must be in devolution directory, it is and is on sd card, and custom path is set to the same, any ideas let m know, otherwise I'm gonna start over

    OK heres what happens with each loader:

    USB Loader GX: I get error message that says: Error: To run GameCube Games with Devolution you need the loader.bin file in your Devolution Path.

    WiiFlow: I try clicking on the GameCube icon and it says Disabled.

    CFG Loader: Click on game, choose start and it just goes to black screen & locks up, I have to cycle power to get back.

    I have sd:/apps/gc_devo , cant figure out what I am doing wrong.
    Any ideas?
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    i got it, wiped all of my loaders and started over, got it running now


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