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Thread: Playing backups from SD card

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    Playing backups from SD card

    Hi guys,I was wondering is it possible to play my backups from an SD card. If so will I need to partition it so my nand is on one part. I've seen on here that an SDHC card wont work also after searching all I could find was mighty Channel. Is this the way to go .?. one last thing is, if this is possible what size SD would you recommend. Thank you.

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    An SDHC card is not recommended for the modding process itself. Once it has been modded, then a card up to 32gig can be used just fine.

    I don't think I've ever heard of anyone partitioning an SD card. Probably not something you want to do. And if you're already using it for NAND emulation, not sure you'd really want to do much more with it. Much less loading a game from SD.

    But is it possible, I think it is. Would we recommend it: no. It would be slow, even if you had a class 10 SD card, the loading times would be nuts. We would recommend USB loading. We have guides for modding the system (Softmod Any Wii) and for formatting and installing content to a USB drive (FAT32 guide).

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