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Thread: Medal of Honor Heroes 2 Hacks

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    Medal of Honor Heroes 2 Hacks

    I have noticed some users are playing with hacks in MOH2. In online mode, I have seen some players with an invincibility hack. Grenades, Bazooka, dozens of headshots from a sniper rifle and they don't go down. Some Wiitards experienced this too and uploaded this to youtube for evidence. --> [ame=]YouTube - Medal of Honor Heroes 2 invincibility hack?[/ame]

    How are they doing this? What is the hack?

    Also in online mode, in the Monestary I have seen players drop a grenade, climb up a pole and walk behind a perimeter wall to get to the corner of the gaming area. They can shoot you, but you can't shoot them.

    In online mode, in the Village I have seen players walk around the outside of a second story building. There was no floor to walk on, they appeared to be walking through the wall.

    What's the dealio?

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    people like to hack online... nothing new =\

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