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Thread: Wii is bricked/semi bricked? Won't give TV signal

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    Wii is bricked/semi bricked? Won't give TV signal

    Last night I think I may have bricked my Wii 4.3u last night; I tried setting the Autoboot to USB Loader gx in Priiloader but once I did that when I turned it on it wouldn't boot to the TV (There's no signal). However I can still access everything through Priiloader(HBC, System Memu, etc) so I'm guessing it's not fully bricked.

    However, I don't have a NAND backup nor Bootmii on my SD card or computer. Theres the problem, if I had that I could probably just restore it and everything would be okay. But is there anything I can do or will I always have to turn my Wii on through Priiloader? :'(

    Any and all help would be appreciated.

    (Shoutouts to you guys for the Softmod guide though)
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    I think that there is a different process than just choosing GX in priiloader to get it to boot to it. you have to have the right forwarder installed in the menu and launch it that way.

    Someone else may know the details, but since I don't use GX, I can't help there.

    Try setting priiloader settings to go back to loading Menu for now, just to make sure that still works, or try launching a different loader (I have CFG loading on boot through priiloader configuration).

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    Yeah, when I got back to my dorm I switched it back to Wiiflow and everything worked pretty much fine.
    But now it takes longer to load up; before it would turn on instantly but now it takes up to 30 secs or so. But it's better than not having it turn on at all!

    Thanks for the thread recommendation too!

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    Don't do anything drastic! It doesn't sound like you bricked your system. But rather you are telling the wii to boot to an invalid location.

    What version of USB loader GX are you using? I have been using priiloader to boot mine for about a month or two now without issue.
    Is GX installed correctly, can you load it from your wii menu, have you installed the official forward channel WAD?
    Priiloader auto boots to the WAD not a DOL or an ELF location.

    The process of auto-booting is the same with CFG and GX. Select an installed file to boot to and select autoboot an installed file.

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    It sounds as if a wiihacks softmod guide wasn't followed (at least, to the letter). You can click the sig of either llaffer's posts (any of them) or Nes_player4LIFE and they both have links to the guide I'm mentioning. There is a somewhat dated guide to accomplish the very thing you were looking to do. The "Softmod ANY Wii" guide will install the proper forwarders; you can eyeball the linked guide afterwards.


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