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Thread: wii bricked please help!!!

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    wii bricked please help!!!

    hi guys i just attempted to softmod my second wii, the first one works fine, but on this second console it went wrong somehow.
    what i did was installed bootmii not in boot2.
    then i installed homebrew channel.
    then installed ios56 in slot 249, and ios 57 in slot 250.
    i then proceeded to install the usb loader gx channel and the dios mios 2.10.wad.
    everything was going fine until i clicked on the game wii sports resort in the usb loader gx menu, the screen went black and the wii froze.
    i removed the power cord and plugged it back in only to find that upon boot the wii was dead.

    i did not do a nand backup, the wii is on 4.3E.

    can it be fixed or am i screwed, the console only cost $40 bucks so no big deal.

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    Did you install Priiloader? Were you following our "Softmod ANY Wii" guide? Did you unplug the cord from the Wii AND the wall? Leave it unplugged for 15 minutes both ends and then plug it back in. Lastly, what's the full serial number of your Wii?

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    i did but unfortunately holding the reset button on startup does nothing.
    no i wasnt following any guides, i realize that my problem was forgetting to install cios236 which was rather stupid of me.
    yeah i have tried that but to no avail, the disc drive starts and seeks so it i'am pretty sure its a low level brick.

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    That Australian? LAH series shows as Australian serial number (which would make sense considering your IP is Australian). Not boot2 compatible based on this thread. The not following our guide was the more serious error. That's a paperweight

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    yeah i had done it successfully before about half a year ago, but this time i just messed up terribly. also alot of the guides that i used the first time have been removed. (not from this site)
    wow really? the australian models arent boot2 compatible? i hate this country so much. oh well i was only $40 dollars, hell the controller i got with it is probably worth $40 so no big loss, thanks anyways.


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