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Thread: Want is wrong with my vWii on my Wii U (HackMii Freezee)

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    Want is wrong with my vWii on my Wii U (HackMii Freezee)

    Hi all,

    I have finally decided to install the Homebrew Channel on the vWii of my Wii U.

    This what I have done.

    1 - I have downloaded the "Lego Batman savegame exploit" (see 1 image) because it is the game I own. I have extracted and copied the "private" folder and all is content to the SD card.

    2 - I have downloaded the "hackmii_installer" have extracted and copied just the "boot.elf" to the SD card root.

    3 - I have played the game at least once. Power off the Wii U to start all over again.

    4 - Power on the Wii U, go to vWii channel inserted the SD Card, then go to the vWii options and copy the exploit to vWii memory. So far so good.

    5 - Launched the game, loaded the saved game and I'm on the Batcave. Follow all the direction and bang, the exploit is launched and I'm at the hackmii banner display.

    But as impossible it seams after all this, I'm facing a problem with this install on my Wii U, it simply freezes at the hackmii banner display and never shows the "Press (1) to continue message" (see 2 image).

    I have used different file sources, I have disconnected the Internet, I have used a different Remote, I have used several SD Cards (see 3 image) etc.

    I'm out of ideas, it loads just fine the "boot.elf" and then simply freezes. My Wii U version is 4.0.2E

    Any suggestions?

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    Have any SD cards (1 or 2 gig) that are not micro/minis ? Hackmii installer is pretty picky about the SD card that it runs on.
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    And Sandisk is the best brand (but bear llaffer's advice in mind - that's a MiniSD I see).

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    Back when I first hacked my Wii I did use a SanDisk micro pretty similar to the one you've got. Only difference is mine was 512MB, whereas yours looks like it's 1GB. And mine came with a cheap Motorola phone, and a "Motorola" adapter. Shouldn't really be a problem. I do remember the Hackmii installer sometimes taking an awfully long time to show the "Press (1) to continue" message, and I would think it wasn't working. So, the obvious and stupid question in order is: how long have you waited before you decided it "never" showed the message? Let's cross our fingers and hope that's just it.


    Edit: why InfoLinks links "cheap Motorola phone" to Facebook is beyond me...
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    Thanks all for the reply,

    First things first. On the above image from left to right there are: Lacor SD 256Mb, Scandisk Micro SD Adpter, Kingston Micro SD Adpter, takeMS SD 2Gb, Scandisk Micro SD 2Gb and Nokia 512Mb Micro SD. (I have used this on My old Wii without any problems)

    As for the waiting time it goes from 5 minutes to 1 hour. I don't have the exact count but on the last 5 days I have entered on the batcave maybe 50 times already, with all types all versions of "boot.elf" file.

    Here are some videos:

    After getting in to 5 large stores, with hundreds of SD Cards, with 20 brands, guess what there were none 2Gb SD card. They have only 4Gb and above SDHC.

    I have found this lost one but it is a Micro SD from Transcend. It was the only SD available.

    After copy the boot.elf file the result is the same

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    I had to approve your post. Wal-Mart still sells fullsize SD cards, try that.


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