Hi my name is Shaq . Ive got an old wii version 3.4u from a friend 3 weeks ago.
at 2008 he hardmod it .. i dunno which chip he used. also I don"t wanna open it and see.
I see so much information about this softmord hardmod cios so many definitions i got lost.
all I need it like this if u can help me.
all old games like wii sports, call of duty modern warefare , far cry works great!
but new game won't work. it ask me to update your wii. but I know i forbid to.
how can I update my wii in a way without harming or update my chip or anything to make those games works (like donkey kong , nba2k13 etc, ) to be able to play new games with my wii. I want to buy some new games but I know for now it won't work.

thank you.