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Thread: Wii - Loading games from hard drive issue

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    Wii - Loading games from hard drive issue

    I play most of my games off an external hard drive where I have stored
    the WBFS files.

    2 of my games however have a black screen at the menu (when you are surfing through all the channels of games
    you have, they have a front animated cover, but these 2 games are just black).

    I am able to click them still and get to the "start" "settings" screen, but the cover is still all black. When I click on
    START the screen goes black, i hear the hard drive doing something, then it loads me back to wii menu.

    Does anyone know what might be causing this?

    Do the wbfs games have to be updated with covers off the net in order to work?

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    Wich games and did you rip them yourself ?

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    usually if you delete the game from the hard drive and re-rip them using the game disk and the Install function of the USB Loader, that problem will be cleared up.

    Box art / covers are only cosmetic and make no difference on if the game itself works or not on your system.
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  4. #4 about the filename? Does it affect if the game works or not if the filename is changed? Or put into a folder and then on the hdd?

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    If the loader recognized it then the problem is not the filename. Its a bad rip, like everyone else said lol


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