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Thread: I would like to boot to netflix.

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    I would like to boot to netflix.

    Yesterday, I followed the softmod guide and brought my wii up to date (originally manufactured in 2007). I updated the shop channel, and installed netflix, and it works fine. I played around with priiloader and was able to boot other programs, and then reset it back to booting to the main wii menu. What I could not do is pick netflix as the program to boot to. I went to the data management tab and moved netflix to the sd card. Netflix still works, but it does not show up in priiloaders list of programs that I can boot directly to at startup. From searching the forums, it looks like I need a forwarder, but the guides that I come across have dead links in them. Anybody have any advice on how to get the wii to boot to netflix? Thanks in advance.

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    Not my share or link, but easily found THIS.


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    Thank you very much. Putting the bootnetflix folder in my apps folder on the usb card, and then selecting it in the priiloader worked.

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    JS.. I am not sure how you are booting as you say.. However I am running Net Flix on 3 Wii's in my Home.. all Soft Modded... I did the same updated my Shop Channel. Downloaded Net Flix and it must be downloaded to Wii Memory not an SD Card. Once in the Memory it will be a Channel on your Main Wii Screen.. Just click Net Flix and go from there Hope that Helps!


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