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    WiiFLOW Themes

    Hi All, I just soft modded my Wii, could someone please provide a working link to some WiiFLOW themes, I've searched and everything I've found is either broken or file cannot be found.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Check SpiffyWii. Their themes downloads are built into GX, but they also have wiiflow themes.


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    Thanks Blu, I'm having a more serious issue. I have games downloaded on an HDD when I open a game it plays but when I want to exit the game I can't find anything that will let me save progress and exit. My only option for now seems to be hitting the home button which takes me back to the wiiflow load screen and gets stuck/freezes there. I then have to press the power button, shut down, remove the USB, power on while reinserting USB. Any thoughts?



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