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Thread: Newbie With Questions Not Answered

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    Newbie With Questions Not Answered

    While on internet is it safe to do this?

    1) Access the Internet Channel
    2) Access the Shop Channel
    3) Access Everybody Votes Channel
    4) Access Forecast Channel
    5) Access News Channel
    6) Access Mii Channel
    7) Access Check Mii out Channel

    Since i bought this wii from a random guy and i am new to the wii world, i don`t know if these channels that came with my wii are good or not, or if i can delete them to get more space.

    1) What these Channels do ?
    2) What Channels do you recommend having? What Channels that you don`t recommend having?
    3) My wii came with a LoadMii Channel. What is this? Can i delete? How i delete? I already did everything in this guide so i think that i don`t need nothing more. I think the guy that i bought used this to softmod the wii in that past time.
    4) And how can i access/install netflix?


    5) What is the difference between the Internet and the WiiConnect24 in the wii system settings ? I am trying to connect my wii to the internet...

    Edit 2:

    6) Yes ! I managed to connect the wii on the internet! But then appeared a message asking me if i wanted to update my wii... of course i said no but.... the priiloader should not have blocked this kind of message?
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    A number of those channels are no longer active and will do nothing. The ones that do work though are safe to use.

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    Hello, thanks for the answer SNES_Master...

    But, I ve got some questions on my post above... anyone can help me with them please? I need a more detailed answer for my comprenhension

    Thanks anyway

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    Your posts are so abjectly off topic for this thread, that I shall move into your own thread.

    This is where your posts have been moved to (merging with previous reply after post).
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