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Thread: Can the Wii U survive this console generation? [VIDEO]

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    Can the Wii U survive this console generation? [VIDEO]

    John Zaccari attempts to put the struggles of the Wii U into perspective by looking at its entire history.

    Nintendo has had a rough time since recently lowering their Wii U sales expectations, and several media outlets and consumers are about ready to count it out of the latest console generation. To truly understand the Wii Uís current situation, one must also understand how it got here. Check out my thoughts on the Wii Uís journey in the video below.


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    I'll kick this off. Personally, the game pad just kills the WiiU for me. felt too cumbersome, and couldn't get used to it.
    I'd like to hope the WiiU will survive, but I really don't think it will.

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    Wii U very well may end up being the least selling Nintendo home console ever. I love the gamepad but I would prefer if the software allowed it be completely optional. I mean it mostly is already but there are a few things like password entry and eshop navigation that force you to use it. Some games do require it as well. I wish a game like NSMBU would allow multi-player on it, instead if one player is using the gamepad it is single player only outside of boost mode.

    They have sold close to 6 million consoles and I am thinking the hope is to reach Gamecube levels of 22 million. Price cuts and great software will make this a realistic goal. As a consumer the overall success of the console is not of much concern, I know Nintendo will support it with great games which it has been doing already, and those games are the main reason I bought the console.

    Nintendo overall, despite Wii U selling way less than they anticipated (there sales goals were way out of wack because of the success of the Wii) will be fine. They have piles of cash and historically have been profitable even during N64 and Gamecube struggles (they have been profitable for 28 of the last 30 years which is amazingly good) By some measures the PS3 is the biggest disaster in the history of the console business and Sony overall has lost tons of money quite frequently and they are doing well now with PS4 so far. Nintendo is far more invested in the console business and their competition could very well spin off their console divisions and who knows how well they will survive with out their parent companies, PS3 probably would have killed them if they were on their own. I think Nintendos future in console gaming is a better bet than Sony or Microsoft even with the way their hardware is currently selling.

    I think the Wii did phenomenally well as an under powered console, but that lack of power became a big problem later in its life and there was no reason Nintendo should have strung it out to a 7 year lifespan. They dominated the first part of the cycle but the last 2 years were bad, they should have had the foresight to release a successor sooner.

    Wii U I think is plenty powerful enough currently, but they should not make the same mistake here. Give us 4 or 5 at most years of Wii U support and launch a new price competitive console that is a step up in power from Ps4 and Xbone in late 2016/early 2017. Launching a 3DS successor at that time that is fully integrated I think makes sense. The new handheld should be the gamepad and sell the console with it bundled and with out it (as well as selling the handheld by itself too). You will likely need to ditch backwards compatibility but maybe you could make it able to stream content from a Wii U or something, I don't know. If they go toward aping PC architecture as both Xbone and PS4 have done there should be plenty of opportunity to get many multi-platform games that are actually superior on this new Nintendo machine and that would be enticing if it includes reach in to the handheld market as well for those publishers. The cherry on top would be supporting apk files or something so that you can grab a bunch of those cheap/free to play tablet/cellphone games as well. Have a killer flagship Nintendo game ready for launch (not a 2D mario, but a Galaxy, Smash, or Kart hopefully but maybe even a Metroid or Zelda reinvented to appeal to the mature/hardcore crowd) alongside the best versions of some of the current multi-platform games and you have a pretty compelling package for consumers.

    I have little faith in Iwata to knock something out of the park like this though. I am sure we will get a Wii U successor and I am sure they will try something different with it, but while the strategy of expanding the gaming audience with the Wii was good they need to realize that expanded audience has no loyalty. They will either trudge on making consoles primarily as an alternative that appeals to just their fans or they can attempt to recapture market dominance. I don't know if Iwata could do it because to recapture market dominance they would need to embrace online gaming and things like movie playback and being more of a partner with game developers and improved relations with western developers in particular.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blaisedinsd View Post
    ...they should have had the foresight to release a successor sooner.
    This. And I'll say it again: Nintendo should drop the Gamecube platform, or do something about it to make it more attractive for developers.

    On the other hand, what if Sony and Microsoft are buying developers off so the Wii U won't do what the Wii did (rule their behinds for years)?

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    Are you talking about the console architecture?

    you think Nintendo should release an xbox for their next console like Sony did with ps4?

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    I think that is what he means, since the long-running gag is "Wii is two gamecubes duck-taped together", and one can say the same with Wii U about two Wiis if they wanted to. It wouldn't be too much of stretch.

    I do think that the "next" system will have to be more along the lines of what XBO and PS4 is today. I'm still thinking that we will have some sort of home/mobile hybrid.
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    Yeah, the Wii is pretty much two Gamecubes, and the Wii U prototypes were literally two Wiis running in parallel. I'm not saying it's a bad platform (in my opinion, it isn't), nor am I pointing a direction towards which I would like to see it tending, I'm just saying that IMHO the Wii U proves N's got all it could out of this architecture. They've been stuck for a while now. I just think some fresh air would (and hopefully will) put Nintendo back at the top, <fanboy>its natural place </fanboy>.

    I wouldn't mind having a PS4-type thing with a 1080p tablet linked to it (and a remote that doesn't look like a dildo), so long as they kept the Zeldas and Marios coming.

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    If the wii u successor is a ps4/xbone type of system it likely means:

    a) no backward compatibility
    b) the return of many 3rd party multi-platform titles to Nintendo consoles

    I think they would have to modernize their online system to be competitive and they could have prettier versions of multi-plats, but that didn't work too great with the gamecube, would it be different this time? They could have the most powerful console at launch, would it help?

    with controllers being Bluetooth and the gamepad being basically wifi they could support these accessories I presume. Not sure why ps4 chose not support ps3 controllers, touchpad/share button/ and light sensors I doubt are necessary for every controller in every game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blaisedinsd View Post
    b) the return of many 3rd party multi-platform titles to Nintendo consoles
    Pretty much why Nintendo's last systems are regarded by many as toys. I think they're wonderful, as a matter of fact my Wii is the only appliance in my house that is turned on every single day (Netflix, listening to music, actually playing games, etc.), but some choices Nintendo has made have made it look like it couldn't really catch up with the market. Take Gamecube's mini DVDs, for instance. We had to put up with a Metal Gear Solid remake because MGS2 wouldn't even fit two discs -- and more than two is just silly. I'm totally for upping the fun factor instead of insane frame rates just for the sake of it, but we could have used the horsepower. Not to mention the controllers, which albeit ergonomic and great for many (especially first- or second-party) games, managed to kill some great third-party titles (just to mention Gamecube's bane, Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO). And had the tiniest Game Boy D-pad ever.
    They could have the most powerful console at launch, would it help?
    Don't think so. I do think they should just start over. Forget A and B for a moment, you know? I love A and B, but they seem to be needing something else.


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