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Thread: Wii u save game management

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    Wii u save game management

    I was annoyed at launch there was no way to back up your game saves.

    My Lego City undercover game got erased after having maybe 60 hours of gameplay. Such a painful day.

    Apparently now now you can back up stuff to USB. This is not implemented well. For instance if I want to backup anything it backs up everything. If it's a game that has a patch the entire patch is backed up with the save data. If it's a downloaded game the entire game is backed up with the save data. This is annoying, an 8 gba flash drive should plenty big to backup saves, but it's not because you can't handle just the saves.

    Furthemore all this backed up content is locked to the console. Want to bring your Mario save to a friends house and grab some star coins? Can't do it. If your console needs replacing, count on starting all your games over from scratch unless you happen to be able to get Nintendo to transfer your data.

    Its bad enough having purchases console locked. It seems Nintendo is moving away from that, but with game saves currently being console locked I wonder.

    usb is Basically still just a way to increase your system memory and not a way to backup your data.

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    So I emailed Nintendo about this and they replied asking me to call. The guy I talked to really didn't have any idea, I was clearly the more knowledgable on the subject out of the 2 of us. I was polite and he looked up some stuff and agreed it was clunky. Nintendo is good about taking care of issues but their customer phone support is not very well trained these days. This guy even mixed up the wii and the wii u a little bit. But from what he could find out he pretty much confirmed the info in my first post. I kind if wonder why no one really complains about this. Hopefully they take care of this problem in a system update.
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