Hello there all of you,

At first I created an account only for the purpose of downloading the systems menu 4.1E but wandering around here I found a treasure of information on this wonderful website.

So what do I have now: Wii 4.2E modded with the last "mod any wii guide" applied to it.. and a NTFS formatted 2Tb Hdd on USB1 using USB loader GX (version see guide) for all games, 4 remotes (2x motion plus addon), Gameon balance board, DDR-dance mat and Udraw drawing Tablet (last one still in the mail).

The kids love the machine and I don't need to worry anymore about my discs that get ruined by sticky fingers using them as Frisbee.

The best option of the modded Wii however, is the Media player... Finally dump another machine from the place under the TV (DVD player).

So ...... Nice to meet you all