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Thread: Question Regarding Storing and Playing both Wii and GC games From USB Loader

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    Question Regarding Storing and Playing both Wii and GC games From USB Loader

    I have searched far and wide and read many guides on how to set up my hacked wii to run gamecube games.

    Do I need to make separate partitions on my hard drive for the Wii and GC games? If so, what is the best program to do this with?

    Thank you,

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    You can find all the info you need to run GameCube games from a hard drive by checking out the Devolution guide in my signature.

    We also have a guide for Dios Mios in our Recommended Tutorials section

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    I really appreciate the quick reply!

    That guide clears up a lot of my concerns

    however it does not explicitly say where I can put my Wii isos on the hard drive. (sorry if I missed that part) I am guessing I would transfer them to the root directory of my hard drive normally, using WBFS converter? that's what I've always done in the past for wii games... although I'm not sure if Fat32 is generally accepted for WBFS files

    Yea this was basically my main concern... now that I have formatted my hard drive for FAT32 WBFS manager cannot recognize my hard drive. Do I have to make a seperate WBFS partition on this hard drive? is that an option? or have the rules changed and I can just put isos right on the hard drive?

    Wii Isos do not go on my hard drive anymore. My question now is, how do I put Wii Iso's on my hard drive. All the guides seem to leave this bit of information out.
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    I keep seeing people say, WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO USE WBFS, like this quote from a random forum I found

    "That's no problem, you can have everything on one hdd. But why a wbfs partition? This error may comes because of the wbfs one."

    answer, BECAUSE I WANT TO PLAY WII GAMES TOO. This is getting really frustrating, everyone is just vaguely pointing to the answer without just explaining it clearly.

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    You can play Wii games from FAT32 as well. Your drive doesn't need to be WBFS to play Wii games.

    Backup your HDD, format it to fat32 and use Wii Backup Manager to transfer your Wii games to the newly formatted FAT32 HDD.

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    thank you sir!

    I will get on trying that

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    Quote Originally Posted by snes_master View Post
    you can play wii games from fat32 as well. Your drive doesn't need to be wbfs to play wii games.
    that sentence. That wonderful sentence.

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    We have a FAT32 guide that shows how to properly install Wii games to a FAT32 partition.

    Devolution and Dios Mios guides will show you how to properly install GameCube games to the same FAT32 partition (though 32k clusters is required for this to work -- the guides should show you how to do that, too).

    I would recommend your USB drive be one huge FAT32 partition.
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    similair question

    I have searched and found the guides but one thing is not totally clear to me.

    First things first, I also want to play the GC games on my Wii from usb drive.

    My situation: I softmodded the Wii (4.2E) with the softmod any Wii guide a month or so ago. so that is a good reference of my system state.

    I have a USB drive Formatted NTFS with all my Wii backups in wbfs format on it, runs excellent with the exception of some games, but I am confident in re-ripping them will solve a lot of the issues. I have a mixed collection of NTSC-U and PAL due to my moving from the US to EU and all work well with a tweak here and there. My first Wii (USA SM 3.1) died of Gravity issues (dropped while moving in my new apartment from the 7th floor... could not handle that very well ) so now I have a 4.2E.

    Now comes the problem, all my GC games are of course USA region 1, will the ripped backups (USA version .iso) work on my softmodded Wii 4.2E (european Wii) using usb loader GX R1209 and the Dios Mios V2.10 ?? (now stil only MIOS v.6XXXXX)

    Playing the retail is not possible anymore due to severe scratching by my lovely little daughters using them as dishes playing tea-party.

    Second question, do I need to put another version of usb loader GX on another HDD (it's already on the SD card) in other words can I skip parts of the guide "USB loader with Dios Mios"???

    I understand that I possibly can't use the same HDD due to the NTFS partition.
    Some answers on these questions would be welcome... Searching for a few days now and did not find my answer yet..

    Thanks for the effort.

    Edit: made the questions bold so to be clear that the HDD being NTFS is not the issue I am interested in...
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    Quote Originally Posted by llaffer View Post
    I would recommend your USB drive be one huge FAT32 partition.

    I only own one external HDD, though, which means I backup my other files to it as well. All would be well in the world, if it weren't for those pesky big files (>4GB). Pretty much all backup managers will let you split your games into chunks of 4GB, and all recent loaders can read them without getting confused, but I can't really do that with my film backups.

    My solution, as I use Linux, was having a smaller FAT32 partition and a huge EXT4 one -- Windows peeps can use NTFS instead of EXT. Oh, yeah, MPlayer/WiiMC, all USB loaders and most of the other Wii apps can and will read EXT. So I keep my apps, emuNAND and GC games on the FAT one (not me, the partition), Wii games and the rest on the EXT one.

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