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Thread: Questions about Mr Driller: Drill Land on PAL Wii

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    Lightbulb Questions about Mr Driller: Drill Land on PAL Wii

    Hi there, I've finally figured out how to play the Japanese Gamecube title, Mr Driller: Drill Land via RGB without the red tint and with Gamecube saves activated. Using AnyRegionChanger, I change the Game Region to "Japanese" and leave everything else as it is. I then power off/on my Wii and boot up the disc via Wii Swiss 0.3. Of course after play I have to change Game Region back again to play the rest of my games and then reinstated the Shopping Channel.

    What I'd like to know is if there are any other softmods to get the above without using AnyRegionChanger. I'll list the various other methods I've tried but did not work:

    * Wii Swiss/Gecko by themselves - Disc boots in proper RGB but saves do not work. I have tried changing game language to Japanese in Gecko but same result

    * Japanese Emunand via ModMii - Disc boots and saves work but red tint. Emunand video options have no effect.

    * Region free activated via BootMii on my real Nand - Wii registers Gamecube disc but black screen on play. Looks like it's trying to boot it in PAL 50hz

    * Using AnyRegionChanger as above and then extracting my Nand via WiiFlow - disc boots and saves work but still red tint.

    I can play on my Japanese Emunand via Component cable connected to HDTV, but the picture quality is nowhere near as good as RGB SCART on a CRT. The majority of CRT's in the UK do not use Component and an expensive video transcoder is required.

    So do you know if there are any softmods that allow me to play Drill Land on a Wii in RGB with working saves, or is using AnyRegionChanger the only way? If it's the latter I will simply pick up another PAL Wii.

    Please note I am using an original retail disc, not a backup

    Thanks in advance.

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    Thank you very much for the link, nightstah. Sadly DIOS MIOS has the same issues - either the game boots in RGB with the correct colours but disables saves or saves function but the RGB colours are all red. I think people who still play this game on their PAL Wii's use component cables to get around the colour issue and component also happens to be the best way to connect a Wii to an HDTV. Guess I'll have to pick up another Wii at some point - price I have to pay for CRT gaming!

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    What about Devolution? You do have Region Free selected in Priiloader options, right?

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    Thanks again for your reply nightstah. Yes, I have Region Free selected in Priiloader but the same issues occur in all the loaders (inc Devolution) I've tried. Drill Land was the most infamous Japanese exclusive on the Gamecube; Namco put in code to check a console's system area was Japanese before creating/reading a save file. Hence why the region-free options by themselves have gamesaves disabled but display RGB correctly. An easy way to bypass this is by booting game via a Japanese Emunand using Component, S-video or Composite connections. Sadly RGB SCART video was limited to PAL Wiis only, hence why Japanese EmuNands allow saves but boots the game in red if you want to display in that format. I did try changing my Game Region to Japanese via AnyRegionChanger and creating an Emunand from that, but sadly it also failed.

    My other Japanese GC title, Soul Calibur 2, is absolutely fine on all region-free loaders.

    What I'm looking for is a softmod that does exactly what the "Game Region" option in AnyRegionChanger does. However I haven't been able to find anything else and considering you can get around the "red RGB" issue by using Component/S-Video/Composite, I doubt there's much call for it. Most gamers in the UK have ditched their old CRTs for HDTV's anyway and with a Wii on HDTV, 480p Component beats 480i RGB SCART for video quality. Only a tiny minority of PAL gamers who prefer old, awkward, Japanese Gamecube titles on CRT (ie, me) would benefit.

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