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Thread: Neogamma r9 b56 chanel wad

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    Red face Neogamma r9 b56 channel wad

    Hi fellow wiihacks followers. I have searched and read various threads.
    Some with harsh criticism. I normally run my console with a hard drive.However i Have family who still insist on running with disc backups to save the kids wrecking originals. I am trying to find a channel wad for neogamma r9 b56. I have read the thread and Have it all working but I Have to leave SD card in. Little kids with inquisitive fingers not a good combination they want to play Just Dance 2014. As your tests say the latest version auto selects ios ,great! much better than using Neogamma IOS switcher.
    Not knowledgeable enough to make my own wad any helpers please.
    Thanks in advance. grandpa1959

    UPDATE.. I Found a link to a mediafire download. Tried with a couple of new game backups I have and works fine without SD card. Problem solved.loads from channel on home page.
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