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Thread: Having freezing issues

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    Having freezing issues

    So I am the epitome of noob when it comes to this...completely. I asked a buddy of mine to hack my Wii using the soft mod guide since he has used the thread and successfully hacked his Wii. We followed the guide step by step but whenever I try to run USB Loader Gx or Configurable USB loader it will start the program and it will freeze. I have a 8GB SD card and a 500 GB Western Digital My passport Ultra external drive. If anyone could help me out I'd appreciate it and i apologize if there is a thread already stating a way to troubleshoot this problem but I am desperate. Thank you

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    Post a system check so we can see if your friend modded your Wii correctly.

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    Let's have a look at your softmod - post a SysCheck as a reply to this thread. Both the specific program and directions for its use can be found HERE.

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    Is this all you need?


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    SysCheck valid. Time to consider it a drive compatibility issue. Certain USB 3.0 only drives misbehave with our d2x version of cIOS. We also maintain a compatibility guide based on user-submissions. Can you try another drive?

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    I can attempt it, Is there a guide as well for changing drives?

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    We're just talking about the USB drive. "change the drive" being "try a different USB device".

    Just unplug one and plug in another.
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    ahhhhh well thanks alot guys, I'll check and see if it works.

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