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Thread: A few wii u questions (usb preparing)

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    A few wii u questions (usb preparing)

    Hi, im recieving my brand new wii u any day now. And im going to softmod it. I have kids and i dont want them to destroy my discs. But im not sure on how to prepare the usb hdd.
    I know i only can backup wii games.

    I know i have to format it to fat 32, but do i have to create folders?

    Is it the same procedure as for wii?

    What do i do to protect my wii u from getting bricked? Backup nand? How?

    I few newbie questions, dont know if posted correct, feel free to tell me if wrong.

    Sorry for my english, and thx in advance

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    You may wish to consult the vWii-U guide. That'd be a good starting point - welcome to the site

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    Thanks, i will take a look


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