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    Lightbulb Venture Vox v2.3

    Venture Vox v2.3 - Multiplayer Update! - You will need UnityWeb Player/Windows vista, 7, 8

    This game is like a minecraft(voxel) game I made while I was waiting for my new laptop so me and my friends can make our FPS game in CryEngine 3.
    The game has multiplayer! Feel free to player with your friends anywhere and anytime. Join Rooms by name, Random, or View the list. Create your own Name
    and Server easily. Multiplayer is not fully done, but is now playable. Explore Caves and Customize your own player with minecraft skins from

    I used Unity3d and Photon to create the game, the hardest part was generating the Terrain/ Multiplayer

    Some new features I added: Trees, 3d models/animations with skins, biomes(only 2 so far), Clouds, better FPS, Caves, and more.
    Go to Options-> Features for full list.

    *To Enable Clouds, go into Options.

    Press Esc in game to open controls.

    Old Features:



    Old Minecraft

    Venture Vox Build 2.3 Web Browser:

    Minecraft Build 2.2 Windows x86:


    Minecraft Build 2.2 Windows x64:


    I wil soon make this open source to Unity Devs.
    Please feel free to give feedback.
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    Minecraft Game comes to the Browser! That will be a whole new level of the game. That is awesome. I hope the creative mode also works in there.

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    Thanks! Glad you like it. I will add flying and more blocks; I'm just trying to increase fps. Sure flying will be in next update.

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