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Thread: Irish Newbie here

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    Hello from Ireland

    Hi guys, thanks for having me. I am on my second wii v4.3E, after modding the first one I let my nephew have it. I followed the guide soft mod any wii, (thank you for that).
    well I'm looking for some advice about playing games from another region if anyone has the time to help I would really appericate it. thank you.
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    Welcome to WiiHacks! For region free gaming you should need only enable the region free option in Priiloader, then your out of region discs should read

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    thanks for that, the wii I have is the black one can I swap drives with the one I gave my nephew to play dvd's as he does not use his for that purpose. or is there more to it than just swapping disk drives

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    the one i gave away played dvd's but the one i kept wont play dvd's

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    Sorry I should probably give you a bit more info on what I am trying to do. After soft modding my black Wii 4.3E, to play region free games I mistakenly tried a DVD that came with the game my friend sent me from Canada instead of the game itself. that's when I taught the region unlock did not work, but after realizing it was not the game that's when i decided to test one of my own DVDs which did not load either, I tested them in wiimc and still nothing, so I looked around this site and seen a lot about disc drives in the newer Wii's don't play DVDs. that's where i had the idea of taking the drive from my old Wii that does play DVDs and popping it in to my new Wii. my question is. can I get my Wii to play movies from disks Ive purchased without swapping drives ?. thanks for your patience and sorry if this is a stupid question.

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    Honestly, I'd buy a cheap $20 DVD player from walmart instead of trying to jack-up a Wii to do what you want.
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    yea that would be the easiest thing to do I suppose.

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    I went ahead and swapped drives, took a couple of minutes but now can play dvd's on my black wii through mplayer. thanks wii hacks for all the great info. i never knew it was possible to do so much with the wii, onwards and upwards from newbie to bricker if im not carefull.


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