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Thread: It's simply amazing ! ! !

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    Talking It's simply amazing ! ! !

    Hi Guys,
    I just wanted to say the Homebrew Channel and Wii Hacks IS SIMPLY AMAZING!
    I love the wide and varied selection of games, the procedures are simple and easy to follow and the advice on this forum is brilliant!
    My old Wii has found a new lease of life AND I LOVE IT.
    Do you know what is more amazing? IT IS FREE.
    You can't say that about many things these days.
    Keep on Truckin' Guys. Winner!

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    I think the mods are a lil stict compared to other fourms i browse on, but the service this site provides is top notch, i could hack my wii with other youtube videos or sites, but this site is very dedicated to not bricking your wii LOL

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    We never recommend YouTube (we commonly refer to those as YouFAIL guides). Yes, we police this site and rather well (too many times one could say GBATemp gets out of hand by comparison), but we do offer qualified, free assistance to those who seek it. I thank both posters for the kind words.

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