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Thread: Whats difference between PAL and NTSC

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    Whats difference between PAL and NTSC

    Is this something that is important for the wii, or just the television screen? I just see it alot and I want to make sure I don't put something in my system that will brick mii!
    Oh and im nube if that first 2 sentences didnt tell u

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    Nintendo has region restrictions on his software. ntsc is the region of north america,canada etc. pal is the european region. Normally without hack you cant play ntsc games on a pal wii and vice versa. I think for the tv is the same. But there are ways to convert it. But i dont know how yet since im dealing with that problem .. Oh and no that wont brick your wii.. Bricking your wii is only possible if u start editing you NAND chip. (softmodding ur wii with homebrew, priiloader, mmm etc)

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    It's more than that, it's a difference in TV technology that has existed for decades.
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    "His"? -- somebody's got their pronouns like the woman with the panties tied in a wad

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightstah View Post
    "His"? -- somebody's got their pronouns like the woman with the panties tied in a wad
    If this is reffering to me, i just want you to know that english isnt my native language. Reading back i should've said "on its software instead of his" My english is pretty good but i can only litterly translate the sentences so i'm not sure what you mean exactly with the woman with the panties tied

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    We don't generally refer to a Corporation or an inanimate object as "his" (unless you count Star Trek, where Kirk always said Enterprise was a "she" --- lol


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