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Thread: Just Dance 2014, Just Dance 4, not loading in NeoGamma R9 beta 56

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    Just Dance 2014, Just Dance 4, not loading in NeoGamma R9 beta 56

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to load these games from DVD and I simply get a disc read error in NeoGamma.

    Relevant info:
    • Burned on Verbatim DVD-R at 4x using ImgBurn w/ verify (I burn all my games to these and these two are the only ones which have given me any problems, seems unlikely that it was the burning process)
      Neogamma R9 beta 56, d2x v10
      Disc read error in Neogamma - 05053100
      Running 4.3 U
      Have all latest IOS's installed using PimpMyWii 3.02

    I can't seem to troubleshoot what the problem is. I've read that you should force IOS 250 for these games (since they need a mic or something), but I thought this version of Neogamma will grab whatever IOS is necessary. I tried forcing it anyway using Mod Manager but ran into the same problem.

    I sincerely appreciate any advice you have for me to help troubleshoot the problem. I have a lot more useless blank DVDs around than I do free HDD space at the moment so I'd strongly prefer to load it from a DVD.

    Thank you for your time!

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    Softmod your wii using Wiihacks guide you will have it all. If you use someone elses guide. Then come here for help it's tricky. post a sys check you may get more advice. I stick soley to wiihacks. My Kids are playing a back up of Just Dance 2014 through Neogamma r9 b56 right now. I have a forwarder and .dol files on SD card. It chooses the cios automatically 250 - 57 d2x v8final in this case.

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    Not sure why OP is using a beta of V10. Also, disc read error (aside from improper cIOS/base) could also be an indication the optical drive cannot read backups for a given Wii (D3-2, D4 PCB for later production runs of Wiis).


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