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Thread: WII Jap VC Games on a 4.3 U Console.

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    WII Jap VC Games on a 4.3 U Console.

    Hi there,

    Long story short id like to run the japanese versions of the two zelda n64 games.
    I have a 4.3u wii.
    Whats the best way to go abouts doing this.
    FreeTheWads was not successful nor was the region free everything hack in priiloader.
    I dont want to permanantly change wii setting so is there a good guide i can use for ARC.

    Thanks alot guys,

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    I think the only way you could archive that is by installing the games to an emulated nand. Then you could force the correct region settings in the loader. Check out Pob's usbloadergx with emulated nand guide on how to set it up.

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