I'm Austin. I joined because i am having a issue setting up gamecube games on a softmod wii. I am 16 and I like to make videogames. I started programming when I was 11. I am learning C++, C#, and Javascript(Monoscript). To make games I use game engines like Unity3d, GameMaker Studio, and CryEngine 3. If your wondering, I am currently making 2 games with some friends. 1 game is on a hold because I do not have the good computer specs to run CryEngine3. The other game is like a small version of minecraft, but with better graphics made with Unity3d. I hope to put a dropbox of the game out so I can have people test the multiplayer. I am going to make a post of my Wii problem and I hope we can get it fixed.

Cheers, Ohiyx4