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Thread: Wii-U , things i'd like feed back on plz

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    Wii-U , things i'd like feed back on plz

    Before we start with me asking for things lol .. I want to thank everyone involved in the Vwii softmod development , THANK YOU FOR ALL UR HARD WORK !

    To start off i'll start with why i really open this post. I was wanting to ask if the team has found a way to back up (WiiU- disc) on to my hard Drive to keep a back-up. I tryed putting the disc in the WiiU in the wii mode using the HBC i tyred USB loader / GX and Wiiflow with no luck of backing up my WiiU disc.

    Just one more thing i'd like to touch on and get the teams feed back is- do you think a wad or hack will be coming out that will let us use the HBC in the (wii U mode) just even to play old wii games on the wii U game-pad..

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, i hope i,m not re-posting, I did try to look for post all ready about this but with no luck ,.,


    hope to hear back soon

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    As of right now there is no public exploit for the Wii U side, so no it is not possible to back up Wii U games yet. As soon as there is, it will be posted on this forum.

    You can already play old Wii games on the gamepad. This feature was implemented by N themselves through one of the most recent updates. Just start Wii mode and it will prompt you as to if you want to use the gamepad.

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    all my old wii games are on a fat32 hard drive that i can only read in USBLoader that i can;t open in WII-u mode . so where do i go from there if i want to play old wii games in the gamepad?

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    you cannot play wii discs from wii u mode anyway, u have to enter virtual wii mode to play them

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    so is there a away i can play my old wii iso game on the gamepad . im sorry if im not getting it

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeercom
    so is there a away i can play my old wii iso game on the gamepad . im sorry if im not getting it
    Yes, however, the GamePad buttons will not work. It will only be usable as a display device.

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    If you want to play the backed up copies of games on your hard drive, you have to enter Wii Mode, then from there access HBC, launch your loader, then access the game.

    The GamePad can be used as a display and Wii Sensor Bar, but cannot be used as a controller.
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    Nana Assualt is an eShop game which can easily be moved to and played from an external device. It [COLOR=#009900 !important]does not[/COLOR] mean he hacked his Wii U...maybe I'm just a skeptic though.

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