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Thread: Get a Nook HD or HD+ For XMas? How to Get KitKat W/O Voiding Your Warranty

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    Get a Nook HD or HD+ For XMas? How to Get KitKat W/O Voiding Your Warranty

    Any parent (or hey, adult) may have picked up a Nook HD or HD+ for Christmas. Any flashing voids that pesky one year warranty should anything happen to it (lovely fine print, lol). There are alternatives out there. Why pay one of two commercial entities for Android-on-a-Card when you can roll your own?

    The dual boot scenario that doesn't void your warranty requires a MicroSD (Class 4, or Class 10 aka UHS-1), access to a PC or similar, and some downloading. Got both kids a Nook HD+ and I heard whining (spoiled brats are used to iOS on their iPod Gen 4s) so looked into this. You can convert the tablet to boot either the standard Nook, or Kit Kat via MicroSD.

    Just followed direction myself on my youngest's tablet and voila --- Kit Kat on a Nook HD+ (works for Nook HD as well, just different files). Check it out here.

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    This is a wii site

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    As you can see, we have an Android this is in the correct place and acceptable. Besides, would a site staff member really make such a simple mistake? Especially one who's been here as long as Nightstah?

    Not trying to sound rude mind you, I'm just pointing out. We are mainly a Nintendo Wii site but we do have sections for other things too

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    Much have you to learn, Young Padewan. With your join date of December, 2013 you're not exactly in a position of authority or experience. Hell, we have XBox, PS, GC, Linux, and other sections of the site seldom used. Quit being a party pooper, lol

    "Why," indeed...


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