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Thread: complete novice desperate for help

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    complete novice desperate for help

    hi guys,

    I'm brand new to this site and need advice with loading games onto my hard drive.

    I have no problems entering disk drive G which holds my media files but when i attempt to enter disk drive F
    I get a pop up asking me to format the disk drive.

    My wii was chipped by a friend who is now out of contact but i remember him telling me not to format the drive,
    is that true??

    What should i do??

    cheers guys

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    Sounds like this is an old mod with your hard drive likely formatted as WBFS, which we don't recommend anyone use anymore. Updated USB loaders can read NTFS and FAT32 formatted hard drives just fine.

    You likely have to update your system to get it current. See the Softmod Any Wii Guide.

    Then you would have to update your hard drive to get it current using NTFS or FAT32 (we would recommend that you use FAT32 as it is more compatible with other software). The guides we have will show you how we recommend you format the drive and install content to it. YOU WILL LOSE ANY DATA YOU CURRENTLY HAVE ON YOUR HARD DRIVE.

    See my signature for links to all guides mentioned.

    Click Below for recommended Links


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