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Thread: Removing Mods from a Wii?

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    Removing Mods from a Wii?

    Hey guys

    So i modded my wii using one of your guides around 4 years ago, i havent really used it since then and want to give it away now.

    Issue is i want it to be factory settings as to not confuse or have it bricked by the new owner. Though I cant remember what i did to it back then in terms of software etc, it has homebrew channel and a few other bits

    Is there an easy way to bring it back down to just playing retail games and being able to update in the official way without issue?


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    I just returned my used wii and bought a wii u earlier this week. I wasn't sure if gamestop was gonna check it out before they took it back. So i just held the reset button to load the priiloader, went to "system menu hacks", and disabled any hacks that were enabled ("block disk updates", "block online updates", "remove disk diagnostic check", and "move disk channel"). After that I hooked up the wifi and just let it update.


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