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Thread: Can someone please help with this?

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    Can someone please help with this?

    Installing content # 11... ERROR! (ret = -1)

    What is this. it happens when trying to install world of goo wad. I installed mario 64 wad w/ no probs (seems to work but i dont have a controller yet)
    Do i need to do something different with wiiware games? This is my first 2 attempts of playing .wads so I very well could be screwing something up. I have 3.2u using wad installer 1.3.

    Sorry if this topic is on this site already, if it is can someone please post a link.

    Thanks in advance!!!!!!!

    New Guy

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    its either a messed up wad, or a poorly made one

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    You were exactly right!!!

    Thanks alot, that was it. I got the one from megaman1019 and it loaded perfectly!! I'm gonna love this site!!!


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