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Thread: Getting Street Fighter on a Jap Will

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    Getting Street Fighter on a Jap Will

    I am finding this almost impassible --- I have loaded Street Fighter Turbo (Pal) VC to a channel but can not get it to run despited doing a region shine to Pal.

    I have also looked for street fighter alpha NTSC-J and other SF titles (NONE SEEM TO BE IN NTSCJ --- why oh why oh why??!!)

    I have a lot of J VC games I want to keep but am desperate to get SF11 turbo / champions / Aplpha running on my wii and thee is no disc game solution -- they all seem to be in WiiWare / VC

    Any help muchly appreciated


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    You've already asked this and been answered, please do not start multiple topics asking the same question.

    Thread closed.

    Edit: For reference, the answer you were given in your other thread is as follows:

    Quote Originally Posted by SNES_Master
    As per site rules no one will tell you where to illegally obtain any game nor will we help you to get pirated games working. Your best bet is to buy the game in the Shop Channel.
    I have highlighted the most relevant part of the answer in bold text.


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