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Thread: Help to rehack my Wii

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    Help to rehack my Wii

    Hey guys,

    I softmodded my Wii a while back using DxHowTo's vids on youtube. Then I restored the console at one point and wondering how I can softmod it again? It shows as version 4.1 now, so I was using a guide for that version, but once the bootmii warning screen loads, the "press 1 to continue" prompt never comes on. What can I do?? Please help!!

    Thanks a lot,

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    Follow our Softmod ANY Wii guide (linked in my signature). Start from the section for Wii's with Homebrew Channel already installed. If your Wii doesn't have the HBC then start the guide from the very beginning.

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    Thanks for responding! I went on to the first step to load hackmii, but when I go to the SD tab on the wii, it freezes. :S

    Hey I fixed everything!!! I used Bannerbomb v1 instead of v2 and it all worked like a charm!!!
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