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Thread: Problem with Sims 2 Castaway

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    Problem with Sims 2 Castaway

    I'm having the following problem with Sims 2 Castaway:

    When I put the discin the wii and click on the game and start the screen goes blank and the wii is unresponsive.

    I have tried the burn 4 times using nero and clone dvd.

    The DVD used was maxell ( never had a problem with them before).

    Could it be a bad iso? Mod chip is Wiikey 2. Any help would be appreciated.


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    try installing Cios 37

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    cios 37

    I tried to download/install cios 37 without success.

    I also downloaded wad manager, I put it on an SD cards root directory and also made another folder, the put the card in the wii slot and press data management sd card (save) and it did not see the wad manager or the cios 37. Is there something that I'm missing? I have the .dol and.elf files with the cios 37.

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    it should be

    CIOS 37 wad

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    it should be

    CIOS 37 wad
    The files that I downloaded are cios 37_rev 2 installer.dol, cios 37_rev2-installer.elf, and wad manager.dol. In which folder(s) do I put these files? Do I have all the necessary files or do I need more and if so which ones?

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    i just told you what to do -.-

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    Do you need to install the homebrew channel to install cios 37 or can you install without homebrew, not too familiar with computer stuff so bear with me.


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    cios 37

    I finally installed cios 37 and the home brew channel thanks to a great tutorial by emperorofcanada, it is people like that , that makes forums such a great resource.

    For Sims cios 37 did not work, I still get the black screen.

    Any suggestions??

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    try booting in gecko OS *and i feel the love from that post above i really do -,_-,*

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    OK I have installed gecko os 1.07 and tried the game, it loads but the vertical hold goes crazy and it is in black and white. I have answered yes to all with no luck. Should I download a new sims 2?

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