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Thread: Hacked Wii & Disney Infinity?

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    Question Hacked Wii & Disney Infinity?

    I hacked my wii a few years ago using the Twilight Hack and have had homebrew channel and neogamma on ever since. Have also just started using a usb loader which was working fine. Unfortunately we bought my daughter Disney infinity for her birthday and when she first played it she connected to the internet and updated. Wii still plays original discs but nothing else. Can I softmod again and can she play Infinity without updating? New to the site so many thanks in advance for any advice!

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    Re-softmod it. It will overwrite anything. Look here.

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    Cheers nightstah, will give it a go now.

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    Using our guide, you may have to set the cIOS for this one from AUTO to 249. I can confirm it works in this config, both with Configurable USB loader and now *cough*ahem* GX.


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    Followed the guide and everything is back up and running so many thanks for that. Still not sure what to do about the Disney infinity. Don't know if it will play without asking for an update first?

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    If you softmodded with the 'Softmod ANY Wii' guide you should have priiloader installed.
    Press the power button and than hold the reset button, you should now boot in priiloader.
    Use your wiimote and go to 'System Menu Hacks'.
    From there enable 'Block Disc Upadates' 'Remove Diagnostic Disc Check' and 'Block Online Updates'.
    You can also enable other hacks if you want to.
    When you're done click on save settings, press b and boot in the system menu.
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    Cheers XdarknidjaX,

    Will give that a go!


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