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Thread: Wii updating WiiU FW deleted the Homebrew Channel and break Wii?

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    Wii updating WiiU FW deleted the Homebrew Channel and break Wii?

    Like the title says will updating WiiU deleted homebrew and break WiiU?

    Never done this , but like info on the WiiU modding side.

    Thank you
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    It hasnt for me up to now but in the future who knows

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    This is one of the things that i like to know about the WiiU.
    You never know with Nintendo on what the next updates may end up doing to Wiis.

    I did not know if its safe or not to do this!
    As i know the WiiU works in two ways with the WiiU side and the old nand Wii side but did not know if Nintendo wii ever going to send out a update to the old Wii OS side to block homebrew.
    Like the old Wii's or have they given up on it?
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    There is no way for us to know. We don't have crystal balls.

    You do it at your own risk.

    My thoughts on it: Wii U is still a new system (barely a year) with updates just about every other month. We don't know what will happen until it happens.

    I personally have not modded my Wii U, and likely will never do so. There isn't any benefit for me to do so since my modded Wii does everything I want it to. A modded Wii U will not give me any additional functionality, yet.

    If Wii U proper modding becomes known, I may do it. but as long as it's only vWii, I'll keep it vanilla.
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    There is one added benefit, Homebrew and game backups on the gamepad. I am probably going to mod mine once my warranty is up and hopefully the homebrew scene advances and makes it even better by then.

    You can always take steps to keep your Wii U from updating automatically, then when an update comes out check here or someplace else on the internet to confirm it is safe to take the update. None of the Wii U updates so far have bothered hombrew. Actually I believe the updates have actually helped people who have bricked their vWii, the update recovered it for them.

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    Thanks for the info
    I don't know what to do as i have got a modded Wii and two WiiU's but don't know if to mode one Wii U and keep the second one clean.
    The reason on having two is the game pad won't go up to my bed room so i have got a WiiU in my bed room and a Wiiu in the lounge.

    I know that's crazy lol

    I like the way you can use the gamepad to play gamecube games on.
    That is very cool

    I will think about it anyway.

    Thank you
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    Playing gamecube games on the gamepad is only currently possible with Devolution. You will still need to use a controller (gamepad buttons won't work) unless I there is some news I have not heard about and there is not a way to use a gamecube controller normally. You also have to verify your gamecube discs on an old Wii and then have a wii controller paired with the old Wii when you do and use that same wii controller paired with the Wii U in order for the games to run.

    SNES Master has an excellent guide for Devolution you should check out if you are interested.

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    Thanks for the info

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    Thanks for the plug blaisedinsd

    Anyway, I know it's been said about 50 times but I'll add to this anyway, there has thus far been no evidence that your Wii U will become damaged in any way from having a Softmod and performing a system update.

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    lol.. I did not know as i never done this before, so i did not know if Nintendo sends out updates to the vWii side as what they do to the WiiU side.
    Did not know if they ever update it as they have send out that update to make the vWii side to work on the gamepad so did that ever messed anything up on homebrew may i ask?

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