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Thread: Wii is in limbo state

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    Wii is in limbo state

    I apparently installed Priiloader and Homebrew channel on my Wii a few years back. I recently purchased Dance Party 2014 for my daughter, loaded it in, and I get a message that the Wii needs to update. The Wii then gives me an error 32004. I then manually removed the Homebrew channel as well as performed a Wii format thinking this would revert all previous changes and allow the system update. That did not help, I still got the 32004 error. How do I go about getting my Wii into a usable state? Thanks.

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    By following a proper guide to softmod your Wii. If you had done so as outlined in our guide, you'd not be having this issue. Re-softmod the Wii by following the guide start to finish. Use cIOS 250 for that game.


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