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Thread: NeoGamma - no video, just audio with NSMB

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    NeoGamma - no video, just audio with NSMB

    I've been playing my backup copy of New Super Mario Bros. for the last two weeks. This morning, I put in a backup of Mario Party 8 to see if it still worked, and only got the audio of the game and no video. So I went to put NSMB back in, loaded NeoGamma, and the same thing happened again. No video. Just audio. And the audio is kind of jumpy. It also happened with another backup that worked before I tried playing MP8.

    I recently followed the Softmod Any Wii guide and everything worked out perfectly. This is the only bump in the road I've hit.

    please herp


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    Sounds like you may have screwed up the video settings in neogamma. Go into them and make sure you are set to your TV's region.

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