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Thread: Hung wii using letter bomb

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    Hung wii using letter bomb

    Hello to all,
    Firstly Love this site, but need a bit of help. I got a number wrong in my MAC address . It said hung?
    Just wondering what to do now.
    In sticky guide Bluphant said he had to hard boot.
    Thanks in advance

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    Just re-download the files using the correct mac address and overwrite the old files.

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    I did try that , but will give it another shot. Cheers cjizzle

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    Wii or Wii U? Cause my understanding is LetterBomb doesn't work on Wii U.

    If I spelled something wrong, I'll just blame it on auto-correct

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    Wii 4.3.
    I just tried it again. Screen says.
    Boot elf not found
    Boot dol not found
    USB gecko not found
    No code to load found, hanging

    Im gonna try one of the disc exploits. Gonna hire the game and give that a try.
    Will let you guys know. Cheers

    Seems to work now with the exploit. Thanks
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