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Thread: Just Dance 2014 original disc error 002 on Wii 4.2E

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    Just Dance 2014 original disc error 002 on Wii 4.2E

    Have the latest soft mod from this site. Everything from usb disk is playing via Wiiflow, but the original JD2014 disc gives the 002 error and blue screen. Do I need to update to 4.3E to get this working again?

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    Your retail does this in the regular disc channel? That error code is indicative of an OUT OF DATE or improper softmod. No game is tied to System Menu revisions. Also, that game requires cIOS 250 rather than 249 (different base) to work as a backup.

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    This is indeed when starting the game in the regular disc channel. I will do the softmod again and let you know the outcome. Thx.

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    please do, i will watch thsi thread as well, since i'm having the same issue, i popped the game in and tried to play, and installed it and tried to do it that way.


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    Just did the IOS update and now it works again. Original JD2014 is working via disc channel. Seems that my latest mod from this site was a while ago. Thx guys.

    You can close this thread now I guess?
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    done. Thanks for letting us know.
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