Hello I'm new to this forum. I came here to help better understand the capabilities of a softmodded Wii.
I've been gaming since I was about 6 and have just recently started collecting.

I've since bought a 25th anniversary Red Wii for $59.00 CND at my local pawnshop as I've been wanting a Wii for a while now but my local pawnshop hasn't had one in before this since I moved into college in Septmeber. Sure Ebgames might have had one but I didn't even bother checking. When I buy used games/accessories I try my best to support my local pawnshop instead of a big corporate company. After purchasing the Wii I looked up the price on eBay and it goes for $75-100. I was really happy after I noticed this not for re-sell reasons, just because I got a really good deal.

So I'm currently collecting PS2 games and a bit of Wii games. I'm really only collecting fairly rare Wii games or investment games as I softmodded my Wii for a reason. I got the majority of my PS2 games from my friend who I bought the PS2 off of but I've sold most of the games that came with it as the majority of them were greatest hits which I've decided I'm not interested in collecting. The only games I kept that are greatest hits are GTA III & GTA Vice City as I love both these games and will swap them out when I get the black label.

Would love any tips you guys could give me on collecting video games.